There is a lot to see in the area. You can hike and take trips.

Het Máximapark

Great place to walk, bike, jog, enjoy, ….
Het Dijkje is located at the Máximapark.
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Castellum Hoge Woerd

In this modern interpretation of a Roman fortress, archaeology, culture, nature and gastronomy come together in a unique way.
At 20m from Het Dijkje.
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Museum Hoge Woerd

Utrecht’s premier archaeology museum is housed in Castellum Hoge Woerd and about 20m from Het Dijkje. Admire the 2000 year old Roman ship with its complete inventory, climb the walls of the imposing fortress and travel through the history of man and landscape. A unique and interactive museum for young and old, on top of UNESCO world heritage. Admission is free. See:

Castle Haarzuilens

At a distance of 6 km from the Dijkje is Castle Haarzuilens.
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